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Public Defender's Report of Dead Preterm Babies at UHWI
The University Hospital of the West Indies   The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) started life as the University College Hospital of the West Indies (UCHWI).  Its existence was heralded by the laying of the foundation stone in 1949 by the Earl of Athlone, the husband of...
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The Opening of OPD Montego Bay Branch
We are here today to discharge our commitment to Jamaica, given last year that OPD would establish an Office in Montego Bay. Today Janaury 22, 2016 marks the opening of Office of the Public Defender in Montego Bay. We are exceedingly pleased to be here and to say we regret that this step was not...
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Public Defender's Opinion on New Frontiers in Health Care Ethics
A discussion on the topic ‘New Frontiers in Health Care Ethics’ from a Public Defender’s perspective will always be considered in a Human Rights context. The ‘New Frontier in Health Care Ethics’ should be more Human Rights centered with Constitutional Rights of patients being one of the head...
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Public Defender Recommends Reinstatement of Head Girl at St. Hilda's High School
There has been much national media attention on the removal of 16 year old student from the Office of head girl at St. Hilda’s. She was elevated to head girl and school captain and within days, her appointment was rescinded. The Public Defender started an investigation because as far as she...
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Amid the clash of thoughts there appears to be a strong view that Jamaica needs a new prison.  No matter what one’s position is in the debate, it is undeniable that the conditions in our prisons fall well below standards prescribed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights and international...
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Public Defender urges Tivoli residents to record activties of security forces
  This afternoon the Public Defender received several complaints from the residents of Tivoli Gardens indicating that early this morning a great number of heavily armed soldiers and police men some of whom were masked descended upon the community particularly in the Dee Cee Avenue area and...
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Herbert McKenzie is Jamaica's new Deputy Public Defender.
The Office of the Public Defender is pleased to announce the appointment of a Deputy Public Defender, Mr. Herbert McKenzie who was sworn to office this morning. The OPD received several applications from members of the public and private bar to fill the vacancy. Mr. McKenzie was selected as...
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Public Defender Speaks on Diversity at USAID COMET II JCF Diversity Training
Mrs. Arlene Harrison Henry speaks on Diversity at USAID COMET II JCF Diversity Training held at Jewels Resort Runaway Bay, St. Ann on June 12, 2015. As public servants sometimes we must take a moment to reflect on exactly who is the 'public' that we serve and in whose name we demand justice....
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Public Defender Embarks On Child Rights Campaign
The Public Defender, Mrs. Arlene Harrison-Henry, addresses the weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Kingston, held on May 4, 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Andrew.   Education the Key to Our Children’s Future  Children Safety and Security – Our Priority – An...
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Mrs. Arlene Harrison Henry sworn in as new Public Defender
Jamaica welcomed its first female Public Defender sworn in on January 16, 2015. Mrs. Arlene Harrison Henry was sworn in by Sir Patrick Allen ON, GCMG, CD,KSt.J Governor General of Jamaica at Kings House. Her appointment was effective January 19, 2015. Mrs. Harrison Henry came to this office with...
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OPD Hawkers and Peddlers Report
Report on special investigation into the unlawful disposal of goods seized from Hawkers & Peddlers alleged to be trading illegally in downtown Kingston by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Street vending is a profession that has been practiced as far back as the mid nineteenth...
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Death Of A Mentally Ill Inmate At The Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre: Reasons And Solutions
Introduction The Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre (aka- GP) is an all-male penal institution which is situated on Tower Street in Kingston, Jamaica.  The institution falls within the remit of the Department of Correctional Services (Hereinafter referred to as the DCS) which itself is an...
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